Invest in the metal inside you..

The most precious metal for a women is…
Gold, silver..?? Or platinum…?

No… it is Iron. It’s not glittery or shiny to look but it is the life saving metal for a woman.

50% Of Indian women are anaemic(lack of IRON in the body) . It is worst in pregnant women. The symptoms of anaemia ranges from fatigue, sleeplessness, body pain, menstrual irregularity, anxiety, palpitation etc..

Investing in the metal inside you is more important than accumulating the metals as ornaments outside..

Invest in your iron ..Be beautiful and be healthy inside out.. ❤

How old are you..??

How old are you..???!!

   We ask and answer to this question often. But are we really as old as per the calendar and birth certificate .??! 

The answer is a big ‘No ‘ according to science.
There is chronological age (the age that we celebrate birthdays)and there is biological age (the age of cells and tissues of our body) .
Fortunately and unfortunately, both are not the same for most of the people. This is the reason for people at 40 yrs getting heart attack and people at 90 yrs living healthily.
A light bulb that has 1500 hrs of burning time can be used for many years if used one hour daily. The same bulb can be exhausted in few months if used continously. This is how our biological age works.

When our lifestyle, food habits, stress and illness exhaust the body, the cells age fast making a 35 yr old to have a body of 55 yrs.
Luckily, it can be made reverse too. A 55 yrs old person with right habits and lifestyle, could make his body young as 25 yrs.
We can’t reverse our birthdays but we have the luxury to play with our biological age, moving it to past and future.

So, to have a body as old as you or younger than that , needs physical and mental fitness.
The physical wellness comes with,

  • Eating right food, maintaining correct body weight.
  • Working out core strengthening and aerobic excercises .
  • Good and sound sleep.
  • Maintaining good immunity to be free from diseases.. etc..

The mental wellness is taken care by,

  • Learning new skills . At some point of life, we get an illusion of knowing everything and we boost our ego with temporary success and our achievements. Learning something new, makes us humble and keeps the spirit of learning alive. We start aging when we stop learning. The learning could be an art, skill, language or even new ways to kindle love and create happiness . So keep learning to keep the heart young and healthy.
  • Let go.. Knowing that there are many things beyond our control makes it easy to practise letting go.
  • Kindness and compassion towards oneself and others.
  • Meditation and breathing techniques.

Hence, age is just a number. So let’s not be in a hurry to exhaust it soon. Cherish and relish life to prolong it..
Let there be more love , happiness and reasons to live long..❤

Healing comes in phases..

Healing comes in phases…

I know a woman in her sixties who becomes stiff before the camera. When she was 18 years, she was told by her close family that her teeth is big and that it does not look good in photographs if she smiles exposing her teeth ..
After forty years also, the words stay fresh with her, preventing her from giving her best smile before anybody.
Dont we all have such one or two behaviour in Us ..? Just because , some one in family told us that we lack the skill of choosing the best things ..or some close friend said that we are too much or too less in something..!?
All these and many more comments and deeds contributes to the self worth or the lack of it in our adult self..

Whenever we involve in a relationship in adult life , the lack of this self worth and inability to love oneself, makes us to cling to the other person or persons more feverishly. There is always this fear of them leaving, anxiously doing things to make them stay creates a stress that worsens the situation. The dependency suffocates and totally destroys the beauty of love..
Losing the ‘self ‘ and sacrificing oneself for the sake of others creates a void that is too difficult to fill by all the love in the world.. loving oneself is the first step to love anybody.

Reparenting hacks :
In such repeated cycles of similar events, reparenting the inner child helps.

  • Accepting and understanding the pattern we get attached to others helps. Getting out of the comments and criticisms of the past and unwinding is needed. We all grow and evolve . Each phase of our life demands new thoughts and new way of understanding things.
  • Doing everything that builds the self worth is necessary. For those, who always needs someone to lean on ,appreciate and love them, self love is not easy.
    But practice helps. Repeatedly choosing oneself over all others and Shifting the priorities is a massive task. But it is the only way to break the repeated cycles of toxic relationships.
  • It may take time. We may fail few times and may get back to the old pattern. But healing comes in phases. Slowly and steadily, we transform into a better self.
  • Finally, we realize that, holding on tightly to a rope is more painful than letting it go. What is meant, will stay and find it’s way.

When the perception changes, the world and people looks different and we find new joy in all the relationships. May be , the world was grey because of our glasses. Changing it into bright colours changes the world around us too.

We all make wrong choices in life, fall miserably once or twice .. but there is always a choice and chance to start all over again . It is difficult, but totally worth it.

Let there be more healing and more love to all those who are struggling to find self love and self worth..❤

Environment day..

World environment day, June 5
Theme : It’s time for nature. Celebrate biodiversity.

Today morning, I was removing the weeds from the plants. Since the rainfall is heavy ,the weeds have grown thick and abundant. It really needed strong force to pull it out. But as I was doing this, I was wondering what is a weed …? Just an unwanted plant by us right?! For nature, both the roses and a weeds are same. It nourishes both. We, humans decide what is weed and what needs care based on our limited knowledge.
Aren’t we doing the same with nature?! We think we know about the storms, ocean ,forests and it’s millions of species. But in reality, we don’t know manythings.. We don’t know what force pulls the ocean.. we don’t know how the migratory birds find it’s path ..we don’t know why the storms go away from our predictions .. In fact, we don’t know anything.

All the activities that we do in the name of conserving environment is just an attempt to save mankind from extinction. For the world, we are just another species. The extinction of us doesn't affect the earth (it may be happy too..!).But for the humans, we have a world to lose if we don't conserve the environment. 

A specific day is not needed to spend time with nature. But one can start to look around the environment today. It could be just as simple as segregating waste at home or planting a small tree or just repairing the leaking tap or switching to a sustainable product .. Every small act counts , and every individval matters.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another” – Mahatma Gandhi
Let’s be kind, both to the Earth and the species sharing this earth with us.
Take time for nature, let there be sanity in the world.. ❤

Joy of sustainables..

Joy of sustainables :
When I shifted to cloth pads, apart from it’s health and environmental benefits, I was overwhelmed by the joy it created in me. I was so much satisfied by the thought that I am not leaving my waste footprint. Each time when i choose a cloth bag or a glass bottle over polythene bags and plastic, I could feel the same joy too.

Adding to this growing list of happiness is my new ‘hair conditioner ‘.. I love my hair and i indulge in getting different conditioners and shampoos that pampers my hair. Though the chemicals in these products threaten and those containers keeps piling, I was too reluctant to get to a natural cleanser and conditioner.
Recently when shantha chechi (our domestic helper) suggested to paste hibiscus leaves for my daughter’s headlice treatment, didn’t realise that I am going to witness a miracle. It worked wonderfully for my daughter and when I happened to use, was pleasantly surprised to find it more conditioning than any other market bought products. Tried adding aloe vera and fenugreek paste to it, which gave more satisfactory results..
Now, finally I am confident enough to bid farewell to the harsh chemicals and pretty containers they come in , without compromising in pampering my hair as well..

We have too many choices all around us .. We can choose anything that brings out the happiness within . Something that makes us guilt free and more comfortable with the nature and our surroundings.
Not only this, if we look around consciously ,we will find more and more alternatives for a better living. All it takes is a little care .. for oneself and the earth we live ❤

Naturopathy and Gandhij..

Naturopathy and Gandhiji…Everyone knows Gandhiji as the father of our nation , but very few knows that he is the father ofNaturopathy in India too. Considering him only as a freedom fighter as we are taught in history texts is a very poor understanding.
When Gandhiji was in South Africa, for his digestive ailments, one of his friend introduced him to Naturopathy and gave a book called ‘Return to nature ‘ by Adolf Just. Gandhiji developed a immediate liking for the system for it’s simplicity. His heart raced to the millions of people in rural India who didnt have any access to medicines or health care. He wanted to introduce nature cure to every house hold in India.Gandhiji was against slavery in any form. He wanted everyone to be self reliant. He doesn’t want people to rely for help even for their health . He wanted people to take responsibility of their health. He strictly practised it in his family and pursued his followers to follow too.In pune, there was a Naturopathy hospital which was inaccessible to the poor people. Gandhiji stayed there for two months and took all the treatments and soon after , he changed the hospital into a national Institute in Naturopathy , which is the apex body of Indian Naturopathy till today.A sound mind is possible only in a sound body. Gandhiji was able to walk for miles and lead an active political life without any tiredness. All this energy, he attributes to his lifestyle adhered to Naturopathy. He really wanted such energy to every Indian ….to be free from physical and mental ailments and not just a political freedom..As naturopathy doctors, in this naturopathy day (nov 18 ) , let’s make an attempt to know the system… be true to the system and heal through the system..
Let good health and happiness prevail…!