The evolution of human beings largely depends on tracking ….tracking of seasons, sunrise and moon rises, rise and fall of tides in ocean etc.. only these trackings helps us in understanding the pattern of our universe atleast to some extend..
Though it may look weird, do we track ourselves? When i heard for the first time and tried it, i didn’t know that it will reveal so much about myself. I seriously believe that along with history and geography, kids in schools should be taught to learn the most important subject, one’s own self. That’s quite tough subject too. Mastery of which will be a great help to the person and society. Without this, it takes many years to know the basic composition of us . Before that we would have made some bloody blunders for which the rest of the life is spent in correcting it ..
In a calendar, it could be a picture that puts your mood in short, or a narrative that sums up your day, or if too lazy, just a shade to mark the day. It could be anything to track, your level of stress, your habits, your waxing and waning mood .. seeing the pattern after a month or two will be a real surprise for you.. your repeating patterns will tell a different story about yourself ..

Afterall, it’s the person in the mirror who stays with us forever.. it’s good to know that person well..!! Happy tracking ❤


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