Product launch of “Pirai” ” பிறை”!!

Following the launch of these beautiful cloth pads, the team is ready to meet more people’s requirements. Here is what we have started with, to be followed by more accessories, events and more on sustainable menstruation, health, and environment. Cheers to the team. Thanks to all the friends for the faith and support.

Our Inauguration!

Paulo coehlo in his famous book the alchemist says that ” when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “.. I understood the depth of it by our “well being “.. A dream that came true by the effort of many beautiful souls.. Like pieces of a puzzle perfectly put, the cause and the intention behind brings the people together … The seed that we sowed is sprouting its first leaf fighting the odds and taking it’s first breath .
Love to all those who joined us on the launch of our “pirai ” an initiative by well being…!