Is menstrual blood pure or impure?

This is the most repeated question in my session, for everybody has a problem in touching their blood. This makes them hesitant to wash cups and reusable cloth pads….
Menstrual blood is shed from body after the egg that waited long for sperm, finally loses it’s patience, pulls the blood and nutrients cushion built for the new baby and comes out. This happens every month.If the baby is formed, the same blood nourishes baby for the first nine months. It contains electrolytes, tissues, bacteria from vaginal flora etc..
Now by religion and society, if anything comes through vagina is impure, then what about the baby that comes through?

Earlier cloths were unhygienic because it was washed and dried in secret ,dark places making it infected with fungus. And mostly rags were used further adding to the threat. Pure cotton pads that is washed and dried in sun in hygienic. Menstrual cups can be used and sterilized after use if there’s no uterus disorders.

Touching one’s own blood and washing is not that tedious when compared to the sanitary workers who shift the waste from our home to dustbin and to bigger landfills. Unfortunately we don’t have robots.They are humans too. And a single pad takes 500 years to decompose.

Our body secretes saliva (we do enjoy baby’s drolling and wet kiss), sweat (we wash it by ourselves .that has bacteria too), mucous, tears etc..each has it’s own functions and we manage it by ourselves .why menstrual fluid should be held by pads that’s harmful to health and environment? Why shouldn’t we think of alternatives that’s harmless?

Pure and impure is not physical. If that’s disgusting to touch, we should make sure that it is not touched by any human. It shouldn’t be that someone who uses is throwing and other sector is segregating it and disposing.
Each of us is responsible for the garbage we make. Let’s be a bit more careful ..!💜


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