The pack of 3 pads!

We are very happy with how the pouch has come out! A simple design, easy to stitch and elegant. All thanks to Kali Akka, our sewing teacher! Now, you could store the pads in this beautiful pack till you take it out for the next month! 🌻

I have always been fascinated by the Indus-Saraswati civilization for what they have left behind. Lot of jewelleries, fine pottery, great bath and such, implying a happy society at some point. While reading about it, came across that this Harappan culture was due to ‘forces of rapid integration’, a overriding unity of perceptive elements of the earlier culture in the vast region.
(Excerpts from the art appreciation course at the National Museum, New Delhi)

Design, I see as this unifying sense of beauty. Where aesthetics has value beyond the visual realm.

#sustainablemenstruation #reuse #washableclothpad #design #artappreciation #beautybeyondthevisualrealm #insight #howwemakewhatwemake #moonrisekingdom #inspirationeverywhereIMG-20180704-WA0029.jpg

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