Been a busy week, engaged in five schools and a college..
School i studied, school we competed, school we had friends .. Mix of nostalgia and proud embrassment when the teacher who taught us gives an inaugral address and introduce us with smile and twinkle in eyes😍
Sri Kaliswari College Sivakasi The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School YRTV Matric Higher Secondary School K. Kamarajar Matricualtion Higher Secondary School, Sivakasi @meadows high school.

Each time when the going gets tough and I am totally drained, i just remember the kids i take my session to…the doubts they ask me, ”is it just 150 ml of blood? ” ” is the blood really pure? ” ” why do we get pain during menses ” ” is 35 days cycle normal? ”
so on… My satisfaction when i clear their fears and doubts which they can’t voice to anyone keeps me going…!
We were able to reach nearly 2000 students in the past three days.., i don’t know if it benefits to all . But even if any of my words could make a difference to a single child in the way she looks at herself and helps her in making a conscious choice for her and society, I am blessed..

It’s just like sowing the seeds wherever we go, it may or may not turn into trees .. still we continue in the hope of greener earth tomorrow ..

Our small effort towards making our planet, a better place because this is where, our loved ones live and this is the footprints we want to leave for the kids we love the most..!!
Earth saves itself, let’s save us with a ray of good hope to all those who is in this journey with us❤
#Menstrualeducation #sustainablemenstruation
#wellbeing #piraiIMG-20180828-WA0035.jpg

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