We all have that comfort zone, known roads, familiar faces. Stepping out of our safe zone is a scary thing, but ships are not meant to be in harbours . For a person, born and brought up in a small town, crossing a main road in metropolitan city and reaching the destination is in itself a scary thing .. Still we made it to the sustainability fair in Ford motor pvt ltd in Chennai.
We were working with school and college students mostly. Now we are taking our baby steps to our new audience .. we never had any idea about the interest, people working in corporates will show to sustainables. To our surprise, we had such an enthusiastic, lovely crowd eager to know the products..
Happiest moment was. , when our brand and organization,’ wellbeing ‘, ‘pirai ‘ been spelled and talked about by many people in a new arena…moment of dream getting real!
We have choosen the road less travelled, with no sign boards or pointers to direct us..our journey is never going to be easy.. But we are making the pointers for others to look up and follow.
Finally, when you have a friend who says ”come over, let’s see whatever …” and a crew that says, ”let’s rock …”, the journey turns into an adventure..
Thanks to Ford for being a warm host..
Love to all those who made it happen ❤

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