”Thank you Pirai.. happy to know that there’s an alternative.. ”
”Thank you mam.. I never knew that the pad we use takes hundreds of years to decompose..”
”Thank you Abhirami, great to know that we found someone to speak about these hitherto a ‘secret talk ‘ ”
” wow..!! Do you customize? I was searching desperately for someone who can make my own personal product to suit my body…a big thank you..”
” I have been fighting these rashes for decades now .. can you ship to UK? ”
” I was making my own pads at home losing all hope of finding a good procuct to suit my needs.. do you ship to Australia? ”
” Thank you for taking this initiative .. I would like to spread the word among my circles too .. can you help me? Where to start? ”
” Feeling great that I found a way to reduce my plastic footage.. i was in deep guilt every month…thanks a lot.. ”

And for all these, we from ‘Pirai ‘, Thank pavan.. Pavan Manikanta Kumar.. and the The Logical Indian for taking our story across the country and beyond…
Thank you for all the words…
We are making visible ripples ..❤

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