Lunar cycle and Tracking : Since time immemorial, we have been tracing sun and moon to track our lives.. The macrocosom that has galaxies in it has a speck called Sun .. a tiny blue thing( earth) going around it is taking a new turn today and we call it as a new year. Appreciating this vastness of cosmos and this cycle of rotation will be an ideal time to start tracking the changes in our body, a microcosom that in itself has all the wonders of the vast universe.. We are happy to put this lunar chart to help you track your cycles.. it could be to track your biological cycle, changes in your mind and hormones etc.. The patterns on pebbles that shows its infinite time with the perennial rivers, the multiple folds in the memory lanes are all same in recording the magic called ‘time’..hours, months, years and centuries … Let’s track them.. Ps : please dm your mail id to to get pdf copy to print..

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