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Been a busy week, engaged in five schools and a college..
School i studied, school we competed, school we had friends .. Mix of nostalgia and proud embrassment when the teacher who taught us gives an inaugral address and introduce us with smile and twinkle in eyes😍
Sri Kaliswari College Sivakasi The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School YRTV Matric Higher Secondary School K. Kamarajar Matricualtion Higher Secondary School, Sivakasi @meadows high school.

Each time when the going gets tough and I am totally drained, i just remember the kids i take my session to…the doubts they ask me, ”is it just 150 ml of blood? ” ” is the blood really pure? ” ” why do we get pain during menses ” ” is 35 days cycle normal? ”
so on… My satisfaction when i clear their fears and doubts which they can’t voice to anyone keeps me going…!
We were able to reach nearly 2000 students in the past three days.., i don’t know if it benefits to all . But even if any of my words could make a difference to a single child in the way she looks at herself and helps her in making a conscious choice for her and society, I am blessed..

It’s just like sowing the seeds wherever we go, it may or may not turn into trees .. still we continue in the hope of greener earth tomorrow ..

Our small effort towards making our planet, a better place because this is where, our loved ones live and this is the footprints we want to leave for the kids we love the most..!!
Earth saves itself, let’s save us with a ray of good hope ..love to all those who is in this journey with us❤
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Is menstrual blood pure?

Is menstrual blood pure or impure?

This is the most repeated question in my session, for everybody has a problem in touching their blood. This makes them hesitant to wash cups and reusable cloth pads….
Menstrual blood is shed from body after the egg that waited long for sperm, finally loses it’s patience, pulls the blood and nutrients cushion built for the new baby and comes out. This happens every month.If the baby is formed, the same blood nourishes baby for the first nine months. It contains electrolytes, tissues, bacteria from vaginal flora etc..
Now by religion and society, if anything comes through vagina is impure, then what about the baby that comes through?

Earlier cloths were unhygienic because it was washed and dried in secret ,dark places making it infected with fungus. And mostly rags were used further adding to the threat. Pure cotton pads that is washed and dried in sun in hygienic. Menstrual cups can be used and sterilized after use if there’s no uterus disorders.

Touching one’s own blood and washing is not that tedious when compared to the sanitary workers who shift the waste from our home to dustbin and to bigger landfills. Unfortunately we don’t have robots.They are humans too. And a single pad takes 500 years to decompose.

Our body secretes saliva (we do enjoy baby’s drolling and wet kiss), sweat (we wash it by ourselves .that has bacteria too), mucous, tears etc..each has it’s own functions and we manage it by ourselves .why menstrual fluid should be held by pads that’s harmful to health and environment? Why shouldn’t we think of alternatives that’s harmless?

Pure and impure is not physical. If that’s disgusting to touch, we should make sure that it is not touched by any human. It shouldn’t be that someone who uses is throwing and other sector is segregating it and disposing.
Each of us is responsible for the garbage we make. Let’s be a bit more careful ..!💜

Beginning a start up with all it’s pain is really challenging .. Especially when we want to take it with awareness to the society. After each sessions, used to eagerly waiting for the feedbacks and queries ..
After sending the product, waiting anxiously for the feedback is a thrill. Only such feedbacks keeps us fueled through all the trials.. Each morning, an enquiry or a suggestion puts us in track..Thanks for all the feedbacks and enquiries ..
Our process is slow… we have put our word into the vast world, hope it keeps echoing..
very slowly we are blooming but, certainly.. ❤IMG20180721111340.jpg

Our Inauguration!

Paulo coehlo in his famous book the alchemist says that ” when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “.. I understood the depth of it by our “well being “.. A dream that came true by the effort of many beautiful souls.. Like pieces of a puzzle perfectly put, the cause and the intention behind brings the people together … The seed that we sowed is sprouting its first leaf fighting the odds and taking it’s first breath .
Love to all those who joined us on the launch of our “pirai ” an initiative by well being…!

Tracking changes..!

The evolution of human beings largely depends on tracking ….tracking of seasons, sunrise and moon rises, rise and fall of tides in ocean etc.. only these trackings helps us in understanding the pattern of our universe atleast to some extend..
Though it may look weird, do we track ourselves? When i heard for the first time and tried it, i didn’t know that it will reveal so much about myself. I seriously believe that along with history and geography, kids in schools should be taught to learn the most important subject, one’s own self. That’s quite tough subject too. Mastery of which will be a great help to the person and society. Without this, it takes many years to know the basic composition of us . Before that we would have made some bloody blunders for which the rest of the life is spent in correcting it ..
In a calendar, it could be a picture that puts your mood in short, or a narrative that sums up your day, or if too lazy, just a shade to mark the day. It could be anything to track, your level of stress, your habits, your waxing and waning mood .. seeing the pattern after a month or two will be a real surprise for you.. your repeating patterns will tell a different story about yourself ..

Afterall, it’s the person in the mirror who stays with us forever.. it’s good to know that person well..!! Happy tracking ❤

We often teach our kids to throw the trash in the dust bin and they learn it beautifully too. But do we give a thought on the journey the trash takes from there ..
We buy things consciously and unconsciously, useful and not so useful things.. unfortunately many things are used just for a moment and left to carry on with its traces permanently on earth..
And especially the diapers and sanitary napkins that is used once and thrown takes 500- 800 years to decompose posing a huge threat to our earth..
Nothing can vanish in thin air ..right? .. we are responsible for the things that we use and the damage that happens with that..we have only this planet until they find another habitable planet..so let’s take care of it..!

In most of the history and even now, anonymous is a woman. Even to herself, she is unknown . That makes her vulnerable . The changes that takes place in her body has strong impact on her mind and viceversa .But sadly it goes unnoticed. It’s the biological cycle that is identical to the cycles in vast macrocosom (seasons ,waxing and waning of moon. .)It gives an opportunity to feel the pattern of the changes that happens inside and to synchronize with it.

A small bit of information like, a woman bleeds only 70-100 ml of blood and fluid each month could be a great relief to a young girl attaining puberty. Instead of building taboo around the stain, making her understand that it’s just a drop of blood and that it doesn’t stop her from being anything she wants to be is a revelation ..

Clinically, knowing what is normal helps in identifying what is abnormal. It could be a great help in early diagnosis of diaeases.

Even men needs menstrual education . understanding the physical and mental changes of the women around them helps in building a responsible and safe society for women.

Menstruation matters because creation and life depends on it..!

காலத்தால் அழிக்க முடியாதது காவியங்களும், காதலும், கடலுமாக மட்டுமே இருக்கட்டும்…குப்பைகளாக அல்ல..